State Agencies Will Not Change Unless Their Staffs Do
So we have finally made it to the legislature in communicating our concerns about the NYSDEC and the rampant misconduct occurring in the Special Licenses Unit and the Divison of Law Enforcement. The Assembly's Standing Committee for Environmental Conservation had its first meeting of the year last Tuesday, the 28th.

Must be the concerns I submitted to members of the legislature were mentioned in the meeting as the next day, the 29th, the NYSDEC started its next round of retaliation. This time they are taking a crack at one of the most vulnerable populations in the state - the indigent.

For years I have received electronic copies of responsive records for FOIL requests I've submitted to the NYSDEC. However, the day after the standing committee meeting, the Office of the General Counsel ignored my usual request for electronic records for the next two FOIL requests of mine they processed and now want to charge me over $100 forcing me to forego the electronic response I requested and take hundreds of pages of paper instead.

What environmental conservation agency takes the least environmentally friendly approach in regards to the FOIL, especially knowing, since these sociopaths totally ruined my business, I have no means of affording such fees. This is the agency using a person's indigent status against the person in denying the right of public access to agency documents. Of course, there was no answer to my question as to why, all of a sudden, the change? Never mind, I know the answer. I guess McCulley wasn't kidding when he said: "These people literally have no souls".

Soooo, here we go again! Another round of statements sent to the legislature today! We will keep plugging away until those staff members in the Department who are causing problems and acting against the public such as the staff working in the Special Licenses Unit and the Division of Law Enforcement and now the Office of the General Counsel are replaced with professionals with their heads screwed on straight and their priorities in order.

The NYSDEC's hatred towards the public has become extreme as they are rarely if ever, held accountable. The NYSDEC is a perfect example of an authority in our country that gets a blank check to do whatever it feels like doing. This is how so many countries start their wayward plunge into tyranny.  Unfortunately, it looks like this one is well on its way!